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Micro Wedding Venue

Micro Weddings Are Gaining Popularity

A social shift to smaller celebrations?

Let's Discuss Micro Weddings

Micro weddings are here, ushering in a new era of wedding celebrations. As spring brings wedding season into full bloom, the vision of the perfect wedding is evolving. Traditional grand celebrations are giving way to more intimate, personalized gatherings. At The Woodmans Arms, we embrace this trend with our dedicated micro wedding venue, The Seedling, offering couples a unique and memorable way to celebrate their love.

Marriage trends have been shifting, with the average marrying age in the United Kingdom rising to about 30 for men and 28 for women. With changing values on marriage, economic concerns, and the ongoing recovery from the pandemic, many couples are rethinking the traditional wedding format. The lavish three-tiered cake and extensive guest list are no longer what every couple desires.

What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding, or elopement ceremony, typically hosts between 25 to 50 guests—mostly close friends and family—and deviates from the standard wedding format. 

These celebrations can be as intimate as just the couple and the officiant, or as unique as a hike up a local mountain or baking cookies after exchanging vows. This flexibility allows couples to create a day that genuinely reflects their relationship and interests.

Unusual & Unique Micro Weddings Venue

One of the most appealing aspects of micro weddings is the ability to choose unconventional locations. Traditional wedding venues often have guest minimums that don’t suit smaller gatherings. This challenge turns into an advantage, pushing couples to think outside the box. Imagine a wedding at a bowling alley, a bookstore, or even a national park.

At The Woodmans Arms, The Seedling provides the perfect setting for such bespoke celebrations, combining the charm of a well-loved and reputable rustic venue with the intimacy required for a micro wedding.

Cost-effective & Deeply Personal Micro Weddings

While micro weddings can be more affordable than traditional weddings, their main appeal lies in the ability to create a tailor-made experience. Couples can allocate their budget towards elements that matter most to them, rather than spending excessively on feeding and entertaining a large number of guests.

A New Perspective on Marriage

The concept of marriage has evolved over the years, with the number of marriages in the UK declining since 1989. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the popularity of micro weddings as large gatherings became impractical.

During the pandemic, you couldn’t have a group of more than 10 together. So couples were left not option but to narrow down who they wanted to have where, when, and for what purpose.

This period of reflection has led many couples to prioritise meaningful, intimate celebrations over traditional, large-scale weddings. Living together before marriage and viewing weddings as less of a necessity has also contributed to this trend.

Embrace the magic of a

Micro Wedding Venue

At The Woodmans Arms, we celebrate the rise of micro weddings with our exclusive micro wedding venue, The Seedling. This intimate space allows couples to create a wedding day that is truly a reflection of their love and personality. Whether it’s a cozy indoor ceremony or a picturesque outdoor gathering, The Seedling offers a perfect backdrop for your unique celebration.

Celebrate your love in a setting as special as your relationship. Visit The Woodmans Arms to learn more about hosting your micro wedding at The Seedling and let us help you create the wedding of your dreams.

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